Daryll Grant

After a brief hiatus, Off The Pitch is back once again, where we profile footballing identities from around the state.

This week, we catch up with a player that has been a part of the system at two English Premier League powerhouses, traversing both the red and blue parts of Manchester. We catch up with Rochedale Rovers recruit, Daryll Grant.


(Picture: Rochedale Rovers Media)

QSN: How did you first get involved in football?

DG: I was around about ten and my uncle first got me involved by taking me to one of the local clubs in Manchester.


QSN: You’ve been through both the Manchester City and Manchester United systems, how was that experience?

DG: I first got involved at Manchester City when my uncle took me for a trial. It turned out to be a series of trials to whittle away all the trialists and I was ultimately successful in getting into the Manchester City academy which I was involved in from the ages of 10 to about 16. I played a few games for the Manchester United youth squad but never signed a contract there and after that, I had a couple of years off football.


QSN: How did the opportunity come about to come to Brisbane?

DG: My most recent club was Droylsden FC in the Conference. I then organised this opportunity through my agent. He gave me a few countries as some options. I decided to try something different and as I’d never been to Australia, I thought that was a good option and the opportunity to have a bit of a lifestyle change.


QSN: And how are you enjoying your time at Rochedale?

DG: I’m really liking it. It was one of the main things I was worried about when I first came over, you know coming over by myself and not knowing what I was getting myself into but it’s a great club. The manager (Scott MacNicol) has been fantastic. I heard last year that they had a younger squad but he has brought in some experienced players and with a bit more luck, we would have turned some of our losses into wins this season. Off the playing field, the people around the club are fantastic and it’s a very friendly atmosphere.


QSN: How was the adjustment in coming to Brisbane in the middle of summer from the middle of winter in England? You seemed to struggle with the heat at stages during the pre-season Silver Boot competition.

DG: Yeah it was a shock. It was still two or three degrees back home and the pitches were rock hard. I came out here and it was the complete opposite. I did cramp up in some of the pre-season matches but from week to week, I started getting used to the conditions and I’d acclimatised after a few weeks.


QSN: Your natural role is as a defender but you obviously don’t mind getting forward, you’ve put away some splendid goals during the Silver Boot and now in the league.

DG: I’m used to playing as a central defender or at right back but the circumstances this season has meant that Scott (MacNicol) has asked me to play a different role at times. We’ve had players out suspended or injured and I’ve had to play more of a right winger role, getting up the park further. I scored on Saturday night against Mitchelton and I was pretty happy with my effort, it was a well-taken goal.


QSN: Some quick fire questions, what’s your favourite drink, music, food, football idol and which football club do you support?

DG: Drink – Jack Daniels. Music – Soul/RnB. Food – Chicken. Football Idol – I’ve just read a book about Pele and he stood out to me but also another Brazilian, Marcelo. Football Club – Manchester City of course.


QSN: If there were another sport you’d like to play, what would it be?

DG: Rugby. It’s been a game I’ve fancied and I’d probably be a winger.


QSN: Thanks Daryll for your time and we hope you enjoy your stay in Brisbane.


You can catch Daryll in action this Saturday afternoon as Rochedale travel to Carmichael Park to take on Wolves FC in Brisbane’s Trophy Superstore Premier League. Kick off is at 3pm.



Playing number: 2

Club Name: Rochedale Rovers

Field Position: Defender

Age: 22

Hometown: Manchester (UK)