So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

It’s time for QSN to say goodbye. After five years covering football across the state, those involved are off to greener pastures.

It’s not been an easy decision to make. While we enjoyed what we were doing, at the end of the day everything has a lifecycle and going forward we thought it was going to be difficult to continue our high standards due to changing circumstances within the QSN team. While it may look like we actually work on QSN full-time, it is a labour of love that we do perform in our spare hours.

QSN has provided the opportunity for some of those involved to move into the football industry on a fulltime basis. Others have used it as part of a stepping stone to greater things in the broader media. Sam Murphy is now employed by the Wellington Phoenix, Joseph Ogilvie is doing wonderful things in the mainstream media while Rose Calvert is continuing to have articles published in a professional space. Thank you all for your service, we really appreciate your efforts which have been on a voluntary basis.

To the instant encyclopedia of Brisbane football Merson Kean, thanks very much for your enthusiasm. We also appreciate the efforts of Stuart Flint who was part of the inspiration in making QSN come alive after his pioneering efforts with and

Thank you to our partners over the time, Macron, Red Lion, Gorilla Sports, Soccer World and Total Compression, who enabled us to broaden our horizons a little further in allowing us to acknowledge the efforts of those directly involved in the game.

We’d like to thank the players, coaches, clubs and zones who were generous in giving us their time and welcomed us with open arms to their functions.

Of course, definitely last but not least, we would like to thank YOU for your support. It was beyond our wildest expectations that we would have been embraced by the football community the way that we were.

While we won’t be around in this space anymore, we won’t be lost to football. Our legacy will live on as we genuinely believe that our efforts have improved the landscape of media coverage of the game across the whole state.