Stormers All But Relegated

Stuart Flint (@stuartflint)

Centenary Stormers blew a two-goal lead at Carmichael Park to Wolves going down 4-2 on the night.

The game hinged on a borderline penalty decision for Wolves equalising goal, slotted away by Sand Rajkovic. It looked to have been given for a less than obvious incident in the box with some suggesting a pulled shirt the reason.

The Stormers were furious and Faryan Kavianpour managed to extract two yellows from the referees pocket for subsequent displays of dissent first verbally and secondly with applause as a response to the first card.

Whilst Stormers began the night out of the relegation zone, their rivals for the drop, Mt Gravatt, have the easiest possible final game against already relegated Pine Rivers.

As such, nothing but a win would do for the side promoted from Cap 2 last season. Their leading scorer, in that campaign (15) and this (16), Fedja Mehinagic wasn’t in the line-up, presumably suspended after picking up his fourth yellow card in last week’s defeat against Mt Gravatt.

As such, Centenary at 2-2 were forced to go for the win and conceded goals in the final twenty minutes due to that endeavour.

Salihovic and Kamano got on the scoresheet to rub salt in the Stormers wounds.

The game started as a battle between the home side looking to play cohesive football with nothing on the line and a more desperate away side eager for a win at all costs. It made for a fantastic spectacle.

Centenary had two good chances in as many minutes to find the crucial goal, however Jason Le shot straight at Wolves FC keeper Doug Blaikie, whilst his mate in the forward line, Keegan Bright narrowly shot wide whilst 1-on-1.

Stormers got their breakthrough, after a long throw that captain Kelly Nystrom flicked on. The ball landed at the feet of Jake Schofield who converted the simple chance, two yards out for his first goal of the season.

Wolves had more of the ball late in the half and had half-chances to score in the build-up to half time.

The second half, which turned out so disappointing, started in the best possible way for the visitors with Clinton La Carta’s long-range shot taking a deflection which left Blaikie, former Taringa keeper and Lions junior, scrambling without success.

Wolves gained the ascendency first through Rajkovic who scored minutes after the La Carta goal.

It was the home side’s turn to benefit from the mis-hit passes of their opponents.

Kamano had Wolves best chance of that period when he headed over.

However, the Stormers didn’t give up and could have had goals had it not been for an amazing header by Joshua Tanner and Kavianpour also headed over at close range.

The offseason is expected to be a busy time at Carmichael Park as Wolves look to ensure that their two-year hiatus from the BPL isn’t extended.

For Stormers, it’s cross their fingers, rub a lantern time, make a wish on a star, because only a miraculous result can save them from returning to Capital 2.

Wolves 4 v Centenary Stomers 2