Soccer World ‘Off The Pitch’ – Jimmy Fairgrieve


Picture credit: Ian Judd – FB Media (copyright)

This week, thanks to Soccer World, we catch up  Jimmy Fairgrieve.

QSN: How were you introduced to the game and your first junior club?

JF: My first club was Buderim and I was introduced to the game by my Dad and my older brother. Before I was old enough to play, I used to watch my Dad coach my brother’s team and I couldn’t wait to get a chance to play myself.

QSN: Tell us about your football playing history.

JF: When the family moved to Brisbane in 2002 I joined Peninsula Power and I stayed there for ten years and played from under 9s up to my first team debut in 2010. Then in 2012 I moved to North Star for a season to get more first team opportunities. After that I spent two years playing for Moreton Bay in the NPL before joining North Pine last year.

QSN: What opportunities has football given you?

JF: I’ve been lucky enough to play against the Roar three times which was great experience to play against A-League players.

QSN: What are your greatest individual and team moments in football?

JF: My greatest individual achievement was probably making my top team debut at Power after coming through their juniors and youth system. Making the first team was something I worked hard to achieve.

My greatest team moment would have to be being apart of North Pine’s promotion because of the way we did it. We were in the middle of a mid season slump where we were down on confidence and form and had to dig deep and turn it around to win five of our last six to sneak into the second promotion spot.

QSN: You have played in the Brisbane Premier League and National Premier League competitions and made the move to North Pine in 2015 – what was your motivation for the move to Bob Brock Park?

JF: During the preseason before last season, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and after that I struggled to find the motivation to keep up with the intensity of Moreton Bay’s training. The chance to play in the Capital One league with North Pine stood out because it was still a decent level but it was a lot more relaxed which was something I needed. I also always wanted the chance to play under Aaron Philp (now Peninsula head coach) and play along side two of my mates, Sam Heaney and Mitch Scheumack who had just moved to the Gorillas as well.

QSN: What are your goals for the 2016?

JF: Just to be at my best every week to help the boys try and win every game we play in.

QSN: What are your longer terms aspirations? Does coaching feature in your future plans?

JF: I haven’t thought too much about it but I do think I would enjoying a coaching role and helping young players develop one day.

QSN: Who is the best player you have played with or against in your career?

JF: I’ve been lucky enough to play with lots of good players but Id have to go with Royce Brownlie. I got to play with him at a few different clubs and you could always see his professionalism that got him to the higher levels of the game.

QSN: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

JF: Not really. I just like to find something nice and relaxing to do the morning of the game so I can turn up feeling fresh. I will use ‘its game day and I wanna conserve energy’ to get out of doing any job around the house… not like I do many jobs any other day anyway.

QSN: What has been your most embarrassing moment on the football pitch?

JF: A couple of weeks ago against Ipswich Knights I missed a sitter and it just happened to be in a game which was getting filmed unfortunately.

QSN: Time for 5 rapid fire questions! Your favourite drink, music, food, football idol and which football club do you support?

JF: Chocolate milkshake, house music, any type of berry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United.

QSN: Who was you most influential coach or main football influence and why?

JF: Terry Kirkham would have to be my most influential coach so far. He was the top team coach during my time at Power and Moreton Bay so he was there for most of my development as a young player.

QSN: What do you do with yourself away from the football pitch?

JF: I work at Target North Lakes and when I’m not busy with work and football I just like to spend as much time as possible hanging out with mates.

QSN: Do you have a passion away from football?

JF: My biggest passion is sport so if I’m not playing it, I’m probably watching and it. I love my football but I also love my rugby league and I’ll generally be at all the Broncos games.

QSN: If you weren’t a footballer, what other sport would you play?

JF: I would have always liked to give Aussie Rules a crack, I used to play in the school team and it was always lots of fun.

Thanks for taking time out to tell us your story Jimmy and here’s hoping that North Pine can pull themselves out of the promotion quagmire. If they are to do so, they will need to pick up three points this weekend against the toughest of opponents. The Gorillas travel to the league leaders Lions on Sunday afternoon with kickoff at 4pm.

Name: James Fairgrieve

Nationality : Australian

Age : 22

Nickname : Jimmy

Height : 178cm

Preferred Position/s: On the wing