Soccer World Off The Pitch – Josh Sherwood (Logan Lightning)

IMG_2920Thanks to Soccer World, with stores in Brisbane’s north at Stafford and the south at Mt Gravatt, we catch up with a player who made a move in the off-season from familiar surrounds to a new challenge at Logan Lightning.

He’s brought goal-scoring form with him as well, equal second in the Brisbane Premier League leading scorer’s list with nine goals so far. Learn more about Josh Sherwood.

QSN: How were you introduced to the game and what was your first junior club?

JS: Coming from England football is just a way of life over there. As soon as you’re ready, the boots go on. My first junior club was my home town of Mersea Island which is in Colchester, England.

QSN: Tell us about your football playing history.

JS: I played at a high junior standard in the UK before moving to Australia. When we came to Brisbane, we signed on with the local club Capalaba. Tony Warmsley (now coach at the A-League’s Central Coast Mariners) was the coach at the time and he gave me a run in the first team when I was only 16.

After a few years at Capalaba I went to Rochedale and had some really enjoyable seasons winning a lot of trophies.

I then came back to Capalaba, where we gained promotion and then went on to achieve over 150 first team appearances in the BPL.

I am now excited about the next step of my career at Logan and very excited to see what opportunities present themselves over the next few years.

QSN: What opportunities has football given you?

JS: Football for me takes away a lot of stress in my life. I have been lucky to play with some great players and play in some brilliant games.

QSN: What have been your greatest individual and team moments?

JS: Hopefully my greatest moments are yet to come but making the BPL select team a couple of years was a great achievement personally and something I would love to achieve again. I have very fond memories of our Rochedale days when we won a lot of silverware. Every game my team wins these days feels like a great moment to me.

QSN: Logan Lightning started off solidly in 2016 but things have dropped off a little in recent weeks, what can be done to arrest the slide?

JS: We did make a great start but our recent performances have not been good enough. As a club and team, I am hoping we can pull it together as we’re better than our last few results.

QSN: What are your personal  goals for the 2016?

JS: Personally I would just love to keep scoring. That golden boot would look nice in my office.

QSN: What are your longer terms aspirations?

JS: I am going to continue to keep playing as long as I am enjoying it. The older I get the easier football feels for some reason. Hopefully the body will hold up!

QSN: Who is the best player you have played with or against in your career?

JS: I wouldn’t want to pick just one to be honest. I have played with and against so many good players. People with all different strengths. Many of which are still playing today.

QSN: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions

JS: Working all day Saturdays for me listing and selling properties means just getting to the game on time. If I’ve done that, it means I’ve done well! No real superstitions though.

QSN:  Your most embarrassing moment on the football pitch was?

JS: We lost to Capalaba last Saturday. It was my first game against my old club. That was embarrassing for me but fair play to them though they deserved the win. We’ll make up for it next round.

QSN: Time for five rapid fire questions! Your favourite drink, music, food, football idol and which football club do you support?

JS: Ice Tea, Triple J type music, Fish, Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspurs

QSN: Who was you most influential coach or main football influence and why?

JS: Tony Warmsley showed a lot of faith in me in my younger days so that was a massive positive for me. I have also been lucky to work under a lot of other good coaches. They all have helped or motivated me in their own way. The biggest influence for me though has been my family. My Dad has never been shy to tell me when I’ve had an average game.

QSN: What do you do with yourself away from the football pitch?

JS: When I am not playing football I am selling property. If you want a good real estate agent then give me a call today. Thanks for the free advertising (laughs).

QSN: If you weren’t a footballer, what other sport would you play?

JS: The lads will know me as a bit of a pool shark so pool would be alright. I tried Rugby when I was younger. That was ok until everyone started growing over me.

Thanks for taking time out to talk to us Josh and we hope that Logan can find the form that was displayed at the start of the season to start a climb back up the ladder.

The next step in that journey for Logan Lightning comes on Saturday night with a tough trip to last year’s Grand Final winners, Peninsula Power who themselves have been had up and down performances in recent weeks. That match kicks off at 5pm at AJ Kelly Park at Kippa-Ring.

Name: Josh Sherwood

Nationality : English

Age : 29

Nickname : Mr Sell

Height : 5’10”

Preferred Position/s: Attacker