Olympic inflict more hurt on the students

Rose Calvert

oly v UniA dominant and controlled Olympic FC side collected the three points in their round three Brisbane Women’s Brisbane Premier League clash against UQFC with a 2-0 victory at home on Saturday.

Unforced errors and giving the hosts plenty of time on the ball proved to be fatal for the visitors who failed to convert crucial chances. It was Olympic’s strong passing game and organised defensive line that ultimately ensued victory. That was complemented by a stellar performance from ex-NPL midfielder Jessica McLean in goal and some standout, solid performances from ex-Far North Queensland products Ashleigh Amadio and Matalena Daniells.

UQFC led the charge in the opening ten minutes with some dangerous balls in behind Olympic’s defence giving the visiting team some one-on-one opportunities to open up the score line. Keeper McLean read the play confidently with a handful of early intercepts at the top of the box to keep the visitors at bay.

Finding their rhythm, the hosts took control of the game soon after with good movement around the field and controlled passing which saw them dominate possession throughout the game.

Taylar Stockill showed some promising offensive plays to keep Olympic pressing in UQFC’s half, forcing the visitors to sit deep and play defensively.

Identified in the season’s launch as Olympic’s player to watch, Amadio lived up to those claims with a strong, experienced performance and opened up UQFC’s defence with some clever through-balls and a host of her signature long-range shots.

The first real sign of danger for UQFC came at the thirty-minute mark with a great cross in from Olympic’s Eloise Wadsworth that rolled past the hands of Jayde Clifford leaving an open goal for striker Amber Glew who couldn’t get the extra inch to see the ball into the back of the net.

Olympic continued the attack with a controversial offside call that would have seen Wadsworth with a clean run at goal, instead the call leaving the score card untouched at half time.

This time it was Olympic who came out firing from the whistle with some sharp one-touch passing starting from McLean all the way up the field. Despite such efforts it was UQFC who opened up the shooting with the first shot on goal followed by a few more promising attempts.

Clever passing and movement in the midfield ensured Olympic maintained possession which eventually saw the visitors lose momentum and succumb to poor, panicked passes when winning the ball. At the 65th minute there was confusion in the UQFC backline with keeper Clifford coming out for a save outside of the box leaving the goal wide open for Olympic to put one away. But the referee called a free kick for the handball rather than playing the advantage, the free kick failing to be converted.

Relief finally came for Olympic at the 67th minute with some scrappy play in UQFC’s defence seeing Olympic’s Amadio pressing to the last defender after identifying an opportunity to win possession. The Far North Queensland product applying the pressure to win the ball at the top of the box before calmly striking the ball for a sleek, placement finish.

At the 70th minute mark, striker Glew received her fifth offside call denying another opportunity for the hosts. Frustration ensued for the striker after a beautiful cross in past Clifford saw the striker opt for power over placement, pumping the ball wide from the penalty spot.

Stepping back into the number ten role from striker, Amadio dominated attack with some beautiful balls in behind UQ’s defence. But the visitor’s central defenders proved too quick for Glew, outpacing the striker in a string of attacks.

Substitute Jessica Beissel caused upset for UQ down the right hand side as she showcased some good pieces of individual play and proved too quick in attack allowing for a host of crosses.

The second and final goal came out of similar circumstances. Clifford playing a poor pass out in the 78th minute that was easily picked up by Olympic’s Rachel Smith and slotted away for the two-nil victory.

The win for Olympic sees them equal top on the table but behind Mitchelton on goal difference. The students remain bolted to the bottom of the table and already looking at risk of relegation with three losses and shipping 17 goals to open the season.

Olympic 2 (Ashleigh Amadio 67′, Rachel Smith 78′) v UQFC 0