Kean for Football

Our correspondent Merson Kean has come over from the United Kingdom this year to help us out. Now Merson is a young bloke full of enthusiasm, if there’s a game of football on, no matter what level, there’s a fair chance he’ll be there and he’s quickly learning that things are a lot different here than to the ‘Old Dart’.

Starting a new series, he’s going to provide a weekly diary of his travels and experiences. This is what he’s been up to over the previous week.

Tuesday 21st April 2015 – Betty Diamond Sporting Complex

GOLD COAST BLK CUP GROUP A MATCHDAY 3 – Tugun 1 v Mudgeeraba 12

A midweek outing to one of the more obscure games of Queensland Football, a trek to Tugun in the Gold Coast for a BLK Cup encounter between Tugun Soccer Club and Mudgeeraba.

Tugun is situated on the Southside of the Gold Coast close to Gold Coast Airport and just across the open fields from the airport’s runway lies the Betty Diamond Sporting Complex, home of Tugun Soccer Club. It was a long trek from Brisbane to Tugun and after travelling 90 minute on a train then two buses,I  finally arrived at the Complex just in time for kick off between Gold Coast Premier League Mudgeeraba and BLK Division One Tugun in a group stage clash. (Ed – I told him it would have been quicker if he’d flown to Sydney and then got on another plane to Coolangatta).

The game may have been heavily stacked in the favour of the Premier League outfit but just as I was ordering some $5 chips, there was a loud roar and no it wasn’t a plane taking off, it was the BLK One side opening the scoring to the delight of the small crowd to the left of me.


Once I had settled down with some refreshments, it was becoming apparent that the away side were doing their upmost to get back into the affair but as several chances went begging, the small Tugun crowd got on the Mudgeeraba forwards back with some light banter. Mudgeeraba did finally level the affair and went on to score a further three before the halftime break to warm the fans up on what was a very chilly evening.

Halftime sprung around and as the sheds are situated next to the canteen facilities you can have a good listen to the respective coaches dishing out there halftime chatter, which is unique to a lot of grounds across the state.

With the temperature dropping down to a very chilly eleven degrees I couldn’t wait for the game to get back underway again and was relieved when the sides strutted past me and back out onto the field for the final 45.

It wasn’t the best of games as Mudgeeraba went on a rampage in the second half playing some great football and scoring some fabulous goals and ended up scoring a total of twelve goals to ensure they are still in the hunt for qualification. Despite their side being down by a considerable amount the Tugun guys to my left still had a good evening and I’m sure they will be back for their next match to get behind their local side.

Betty Diamond Sports Complex Ratings

Food 9/10

Facilities 10/10

Game itself 6/10 (was a forgone conclusion)

If your ever in the Bilinga/Tugun area stop by on match day. It’s a great place to watch football with a good community atmosphere.