UPDATED – Works Damage Wolter Park

This story has been updated to reflect this match will take place as originally scheduled but transferred to the South Pine Sporting Complex.

The Trophy Superstore’s Albany Creek and NPL Queensland’s Moreton Bay, Wolter Park, has undergone major works with the installation of new light towers. These works required a crane being brought onto the playing surface to install the towers and the heavy machinery has caused damage to the playing surface. On our inspection, damage has been caused along the southern sideline and inside the western penalty box. Our photos below show deep grooves that have been made in the field. The grooves are sufficient enough to cause potential damage to a player rolling their foot if they catch themselves in the wrong place.

IMG_0768 IMG_0770

Albany Creek’s Sunday night match against Logan FC has been rescheduled for the South Pine Sporting Complex. Moreton Bay are due to play the Brisbane Roar next Sunday night at Wolter Park. At this stage, it’s unclear whether the damage will be repaired to allow that match to be played as planned.