With a heavy rain storm on Saturday and then again on Sunday afternoon, half of the games fell but despite that we still had some excellent matches that were played, here’s our look back at what happened.


Southside Eagles continued their unbeaten start when they came away from CJ Greenfield Reserve 3-0 winners over Brisbane Force. Southside had all the early play and opened the scoring in the fifth minute when the ball was threaded through and Roger Hunter made no mistake finishing past the Force keeper. Force pressured throughout the latter stages of the first half and the early phases of the second but despite a hatful of glorious chances they found themselves two down when a corner was whipped in and they couldn’t clear and Joshua Falco scrambled home. Southside then won a penalty with twenty left on the clock and it was converted by Ethan Mccoy to give them a 3-0 win in a game that saw Force reduced to ten men for the final ten minutes.

Bayside were narrow 1-0 victors over Annerley at Elder Oval on Friday. Bayside grabbed an eighth minute lead which they held on to for the rest of the game when the ball deflected off an Annerley defender into the back of the net to give all Bayside all three points as they remain top of the table.

North Pine picked up their third win of the campaign when they convincingly beat North Star 3-0 at Bob Brock Park. The home side didn’t waste any time opening the scoring in the second minute. Pine rounded off another two goals in the second period to ensure they added three points to their tally. Samuel Heaney, Craig Parker and James Fairgrieve on the scoresheet for the Gorillas as North Star fall to their third defeat in four games.

Grange Thistle made the trek up to Wendy Allison Park for a face off with Pine Rivers and came away 1-0 winners to the delight of the travelling away members. A second half effort from Caleb Mayberry was enough for the visitors in a game that saw them pick up their second win of the campaign.

Mount Gravatt and Holland Park had to call their respective games off after heavy rain.


Brisbane Force 0-3 Southside Eagles Scorers: Eagles – Falco, Mccoy, Hunter

Southside – Tubbs, Schafer, Dunleavy, Mccoy, Maclot, Taylor, Hunter, Wiggington, Burley, Gordon, Porch, Falco, Kerr, Bretag

Annerley 0-1 Bayside Scorers: Bayside – Parker

Annerley – Sutherland, Otigbah, Messer, Mengotti, Capannini, Savage, J.O’Brien, Valenti, Klaasen, Booth-Mowat, Magarry, Clarke, D.O’Brian, Toeller, Maclennan, Seoane Ruiz

Bayside – Dunn, Coates, Parker, Curtis, King, Da Costa, Chapman, Farmer, Fripp, Siedentopf, Dutton, Murray, Kedda, Stuckey

North Pine 3-0 North Star Scorers: North Pine – Heaney, Fairgrieve, Parker

North Pine – Bowtell-Harris, Parker, Fairgrieve, Heaney, Melville, Heath, Smith, Holding, Hunter, Keslake, Sheumack, Scott, Christiansen, Chan, Culleton, Adlam

North Star – Hori, Sherwood, Shore, Brunet, Embrey, Brooks, Kellaway, Wilson, Yule, Flynn, Head, Umme, Grainger, Thompson, Crawford

Mt Gravatt P-P Brisbane Knights

Holland Park P-P Moggill

Pine Rivers 0-1 Grange Thistle Scorers: Thistle – Mayberry

Pine Rivers – Walsh, West, Jackson, Suggett, Hooper, Hagell, Condon, Mitchell, Reed, Cunneen, Waddell, Stuckey, Roy, James, Freestone

Grange Thistle – Johnstone, Parke, Handasyde, Collocott, Cooper, Mayberry, Bimrose, Harris, Xinis, Paget, Robinson, Luxton, Callum, Borrego, Demuth, Sharpe


Annerley 0-4 Bayside

Brisbane Force 1-2 Southside

Holland Park P-P Moggill

Pine Rivers 4-2 Grange Thistle

Mount Gravatt P-P Brisbane Knights

North Pine 1-3 North Star

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.56.35 am


Souths great form carries on as they yet again routed to another big win this time beating Pine Hills at James Drysdale Reserve. Souths moved into a two goal lead at the break and continued to dominate in the second half, bagging another two to come away 4-1 winners, Joshua Anderson with a brace, Eastman Velasquez-Ortiz and Harun Omerovic on the scoresheet as Souths keep up their 100% record and top the table.

Ipswich City came away victors over The Gap in a game where they stuck away three goals in seeing them move up into fourth in the ladder. Mark Fancourt, Samuel Wallace and Zygan Condie scoring for the Bulls as they go on to face the Pythons next week at Sutton Park full of confidence.

A first half goal from Oxley saw them grab another precious three points this time beating Western Spirit, the win puts them on nine points from four games and sitting nicely in third in the ladder, a huge contrast to last season’s survival campaign.

Newmarket’s dismal run continued when they were humiliated by Redcliffe PCYC at Progress Park on Saturday evening. Redcliffe came away 4-1 winners in a game that saw last year’s top scorer Nathan Offer bag two with Thomas Parker and Robert Bolton rounding out the scoring as PCYC pick up their first three points of the campaign after a slow start.

The matches between Slacks Creek and Westside as well as Park Ridge and Centenary Stormers fell victim to the rain.


Oxley 1-0 Western Spirit

Pine Hills 1-4 Souths Scorers: Pine Hills – Shackley Souths – Anderson x2, Velasquez-Oritz, Omerovic

Pine Hills – Moorcroft, Shackley, Spelta, Dent, Strachan, Hawthorne, Moffatt, Moser, Hinvest, Purcell, Centenaro, Lawrie, Minter, Naddei, Edwards, Birchall

Souths – Purnell, Anderson, Omerovic, Velasquez-Ortiz, Provians, Cocis, Skehan, Gjura, Stratford, Arn, Andrews, South, Hodzic, Alexander

Slacks Creek P-P Westside

Ipswich City 3-0 The Gap Scorers: Ipswich- M.Fancourt, Wallace, Condie

Ipswich – Stenzel, Wallace, M.Fancourt, R.Fancourt, Condie, Heider, Duga, Manttan, Allison, Loomes, Geoghegan, Witney, Jamal, Beale, Ungermann

The Gap – Mcdonald, Fleet, B.Mcguire, Nilsen, Andrews, Cleary, K.Mcguire, Kolade, Kealy, Gillespie, Goundry, O’Hanlon, O’Neill, Arrow, Mclaughlin, Foley

Redcliffe PCYC 4-1 Newmarket Scorers: PCYC – Offer x2, Parker, Bolton Newmarket – Bowen

PCYC – Fisher, Offer, Parker, Bolton, Scott, Glynn, Dent, Batistic, Kirwan, Fairgrieve, Hart, Kelly, Lawson, Hilliar

Newmarket – Macgregor, Bowen, Wivell, Mooney, S.Rohdmann, Yunis, Attard, Beakhurst, A.Rohdmann, Strauss, Siebenhausen, Crooks, Horbury-Wood, Chapman, Martin, Wen

Park Ridge P-P Centenary Stormers

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.57.20 am


Oxley 1-4 Western Spirit

Pine Hills P-P Souths

Slacks Creek P-P Westside

Ipswich City 3-3 The Gap

Redcliffe PCYC 6-6 Newmarket

Park Ridge P-P Centenary Stormers


AC Carina and Virginia squared off at the Abruzzo Club on Saturday in what turned out to be a very tight affair. AC Carina found themselves go into the break with a 1-0 lead but after a very attacking second half the game panned out into a 2-2 draw as Carina stay unbeaten and Virginia can now put behind them that 4-0 defeat at hands of Tarragindi last weekend.

Toowong put Clairvaux to the sword on Friday night coming out convincing winners 4-0. Toowong scored two goals either side of the break to ensure they picked up a much-needed three points after a hammering at home to AC Carina last week.

Narangba made the long trip south to Jimboomba and the trip was worthwhile as they picked up another three points as they win their third back-to-back game and move up into third on the ladder after four games as for Jimboomba they are languishing at the wrong end without a win.

Games at Kangaroo Point, Samford and Tarragindi were cancelled due to the rain.


Clairvaux 0-4 Toowong Scorers: Toowong – Gondim x2, Armit, Tewksbury

Clairvaux – Durham, Cerbara, Harvey, Robinson, Moroney, Leahy, Nguyen, Gerbich, Christian, Halama-Lumsden, Davis, Pavlou, Thorogood, Wright, L.Cameron, F.Cameron

Toowong – Ryan, Gondim, Tewksbury, Armit, Cox, Starnes, Lutton, Marchant, Goncalves, Eggleton, Morrow, Burt, Liddon, Garrett

Kangaroo PR P-P Ridge Hills

AC Carina 2-2 Virginia AC Scorers: Carina – Stockman, Sawu Virginia – Gourlay, Geddes

AC Carina – Farquhar, Cox, Ansell, Raimondi, Johnson, Anstice, Travers, Bidoli, Sawu, Stockman, Knowles, Mello, Needs, Dempsey, Curran

Virginia – Castillo-Castro, Galdun, Brand, Maxwell, Azim, Gourlay, Passaris, Benard, Hibbitts, Geddes, Dudurovic, Martin, Leny, Nicolaidis

Tarragindi P-P New Farm

Jimboomba 1-2 Narangba

Jimboomba – Ward, Van Der Klauw, Pearce, Simm, Holledge, Hucker, Hibbert, Baskett, Schofield, Taylor, Carrick, Dwyer ,Holding, Barrett

Narangba – Reedy, Thomas, Richards, Macintyre, Wilson, Hemingway, Vosten, Takken, Kilroy, Rose, Thomas, Foster, Birkett, Hempstead, Masuka

Samford P-P Acacia Ridge

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.58.08 am


Clairvaux 2-1 Toowong

Kangaroo PR 0-2 Ridge Hills (Abandoned)

AC Carina 1-2 Virginia

Tarragindi P-P New Farm

Jimboomba 1-6 Narangba

Samford P-P Acacia Ridge


Brighton won again this time beating Logan City Kings 4-0 at Wakefield Park.

Morooondu recorded yet another win to top the table when they saw off Greenbank at Barry Whyte Field on Saturday evening.

Logan Village and Bardon Latrobe played out an epic at Big River Country Park with Village prevailing 4-3 winners.


Brighton 4-0 Logan City Kings Scorers: Brighton – McDonald x2,Gee, Vogler

Greenbank 1-5 Mooroondu Scorers: Mooroondu – Page x2, Brace x2, Campbell

Logan Village 4-3 Bardon Latrobe Scorers: Bardon – Price x3

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.58.55 am


Brighton 2-5 Logan City Kings

Greenbank – Mooroondu – Result unavailable at time of publication

Logan Village 0-3 Bardon Latrobe