NPL Player Points System

Like the Trophy Superstore Premier League where relegation is based on another measure, there’s an aspect to the National Premier Leagues Queensland that clubs will need to keep a close eye on this year.

A ‘Players Points System’ (PPS) will come into play in 2014. The aim of the PPS is to provide an incentive to clubs to develop players through their own structure and encourage the production of talent to progress to the national pathway eg National Youth League, A-League.

The PPS operates as follows:
• Mandatory squad size of 20 players
• Each player starts off with a base value of 10 points

Points are then adjusted on the following basis:
o Players aged over 25 – add one point for each year the player is over 25
o Visa players – add 10 points. There is a maximum of 2 visa players per squad
o Home-grown players – minus one point for each youth team the player                                    has played more than 15 games for in a season (maximum of 5)
o Pathway players – No penalty for players who have left a club, joined a pathway team and subsequently returned to a club. An example of this in Queensland would be Josh Brindell-South if he were to return from the Wellington Phoenix back to Moreton Bay.
o Rising stars – minus 3 for an under 18 player promoted to the first team within the same club
o Switching player – plus 8 for a player who has switched clubs from the preceding season and are in the first team squad

The maximum PPS limit for 2014 is 250 points. An initial assessment has been provided based on the squads that have been named by the clubs. The PPS will also be assessed on a round-by-round basis after matches have been played to ensure that clubs are within the 250 point limit with their actual match day squads.

The current PPS table for NPL Queensland is:
Brisbane City 240
Brisbane Strikers 237
CQFC Energy 218
FNQFC Heat 223
Moreton Bay United 244
Northern Fury 165
Olympic FC 232
Palm Beach Sharks 229
Redlands United 198
Sunshine Coast Fire 202
SWQ Thunder 167
Western Pride 243

Source: Football Queensland/Football Federation Australia